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Finally, A Simulator for Learning Growth

Learn how to use data to build and grow products in this unique simulator. Much like pilots use a simulator to learn to fly, GoPractice puts you directly in a high-pressure role of trying to grow a new VC backed company.

During this 12-week, hands-on simulator you’ll work with a rich and evolving data set in Amplitude analytics to understand the situation, design and analyze experiments and make decisions that move the business forward. You will learn by doing and making mistakes in a safe environment with a virtual mentor who will give you instant feedback.

About the authors

Sean and Oleg are the perfect duo to create and lead this course given their complementary skill sets. While Oleg brings deep data science and product management skills, Sean’s strengths are in data driven marketing and growth. Both Sean and Oleg have honed their skills at some of the most successful companies in the industry. They have designed the course so you can achieve mastery of the right skills in weeks rather than through decades of startup challenges.

Oleg was in charge of analytics at MSQRD, a selfie filter app. The company was acquired by Facebook in 2016.

After the MSQRD acquisition, Oleg joined Facebook, where he worked on Workplace, one of the fastest growing SaaS products in history. Workplace reached 2 million paid users in less than 2.5 years.

Oleg helped develop the services of API.AI (now Dialogflow) as a product director. The company was acquired by Google.

He also launched the game King of Thieves with game-dev company Zeptolab, which became a hit with over 75 million players worldwide.

Oleg participated in the early development of the game C.A.T.S., rated the best game of 2017 by Google Play, with over 100 million players.

Sean led marketing and growth efforts in the early days at five companies that went on to exceed billion dollar valuations: Dropbox, LogMeIn, Uproar, Eventbrite, and Lookout.

Sean’s work at Dropbox helped them reach a $1 billion revenue run rate faster than any other SaaS company in prior history.

At LogMeIn and Uproar Sean continued to run marketing from customer zero until NASDAQ IPO filings.

Following these growth and marketing roles, Sean was the CEO and founder of two VC backed companies, Qualaroo and GrowthHackers, both of which were acquired.

Sean is also the coauthor of Hacking Growth, which has been published in 16 languages and is host of the Breakout Growth Podcast. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Fast Company, Inc as well as on MSNBC.


How it works

This is not an ordinary course. It’s a simulator for the workflow in a product company.

What it looks like

The simulator is built like a game. It is based on the real-world types of scenarios experienced every day by top product managers and growth professionals. Each chapter is a sequence of product and growth tasks, interwoven with theory adapted according to your progress and your answers to given assignments. You’ll use analytics systems, communicate with characters and experience several plot twists.

Real data in analytics systems

In order to make informed decisions, you will be trained to ask the right questions and find answers via real data queries in Amplitude (a leading analytics solution). You’ll learn to complement these quantitative insights with the type of qualitative analysis that can give you a true understanding of how and why your product is resonating with target customers.

Practice comes first

The Simulator is based on real-life situations and follows the principle: practice comes first. You will solve problems, and then receive personalized guidance from Oleg and Sean based on your answers, which will help you structure your experience and knowledge in growth and product management. You will gain experience building a product, validating that it is valuable for a meaningful market, and ultimately driving sustainable growth.

Fascinating plot

You will start as an analyst and climb up the career ladder to become a Chief Product Officer of a software startup, hitting all the bumps on the road. This format of training will keep you engaged and excited throughout the entire course.

Based on true stories

The story in the Simulator is fictional, but all the situations correspond to real situations. You will learn to recognize and solve typical product problems, while avoiding the costs of real-life mistakes.

Better than real world experience

We consistently receive feedback from even the most seasoned professionals that they wish this course had been available earlier in their careers. Decades of learning are condensed into weeks with GoPractice. And unlike traditional experience that rarely gives you feedback on your decisions, this simulation gives you direct guidance from Sean and Oleg as you make important product and growth decisions.

Dozens of case studies

During the course, you will see many real case studies of well-known companies, which will help you grasp the idea of how the presented concepts worked in other products.

Learning process example

Who will benefit from Simulator and how?

  • Advance your career in growth, product management, marketing, analytics and other roles working on digital products

    To succeed in any growth role today, you must develop cross-disciplined skills in data analytics, product management and marketing. GoPractice is the best way to develop the skills, experience and confidence to take your career to the next level.

  • Upskill your team to drive better results

    Help your team learn the skills needed to implement a culture of data-driven decision making and to execute a systematic approach to think, act on, and solve growth problems. A shared understanding of how growth works leads to the cross-functional alignment needed to truly unlock your growth potential.

  • Launch a new career with world class growth, product management, data and marketing skills

    Get started by participating in the overall process of creating a successful digital product. Begin with the basics and gradually develop your skills to land your dream job in product management, growth, analytics or digital marketing.

What you get

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  • What can I expect once I finish the course?

  • All of the exercises in Simulator are based on real-life situations. Thus you will immediately be able to apply your newly gained knowledge to your job. During the course, you will also develop a data-driven mindset, which come in handy in tasks beyond product management.

  • What if I start Simulator and don’t like it?

  • We are confident in the quality of our product. We guarantee your money back within the first week after starting the course if you don’t like it.

  • When can I start training?

  • You can start right after you make your purchase. This is an online course so you can learn at your own pace.

  • When do we have classes?

  • It’s up to you. The Simulator is designed as a game - so choose a speed that suits you.

  • What is the process like?

  • While following the script of the training, you will be completing tasks, making decisions, working with data, communicating with the characters, and studying the theory of analyzing product data. You’ll find more details on the learning process above.

  • Who grades the exercises?

  • Most of the exercises are multiple-choice tests graded automatically. There are some open-ended questions with correct answers provided, and you will grade your answer yourself. Based on your answers, you get relevant feedback and instructions.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

  • For as long as you want it. You can always come back to the chapters to revise the material in case you need to.

  • Can I ask questions?

  • Of course, you can. If you decide to purchase the course under the basic plan, feel free to ask questions in our closed Facebook group and get help from other students and Simulator support members. If you purchase the premium option, you can ask questions directly from the creators of the Simulator.

  • What’s the time commitment?

  • If you spend one hour a day, it will take you about 1-1.5 months to complete the course. However, you can set your own pace to fit your schedule.

  • How advanced is the material?

  • Simulator is not a piece of cake. However it is both exciting and effective. If you can think logically (most people can) and know how to use an Excel spreadsheet, then you have what it takes to get started. If you are more experienced in data analysis and product management, going through the course will be easier but no less fun.

  • Why is the training built on the Amplitude analytics system?

  • This is the most visual and simple way to work with data. It's the easiest way to show how data can be helpful in product development. Later you can master SQL, Python or other tools and skills to work with data—once you get the hang of it, choosing the right tool and data will become much easier. Amplitude also offers a generous free plan so you will likely be able to implement it at your company to apply your new analytics skills.

  • Why is it more efficient than other courses?

  • Simulator is not about tips and hacks. It is about frameworks and strategies you can apply in your current or future work. Most other online data-related courses are based on lectures and homework that is never done. They can be interesting, but they are not helpful in obtaining real skills, with real data and hands-on experience.

  • Who are your students?

  • The course alumni come from different backgrounds, companies and experience: there are people from the industry who want to switch to product management, product leads who want to develop a data-driven mindset or people who are in another field and want to transition to product management.

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