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This 10-week self-paced program delivers years of experience in a unique simulator format

Go beyond theory and learn by doing.

You will work on a product with proven value, build a growth model, come up with a strategy, and find a way to achieve scalable growth.

In the process, you will face typical problems on the way from 1 to N and master frameworks to solve them.

What problem
does the simulator solve


Many teams don’t have a systematic understanding of how their product’s growth works. Therefore, they make decisions based on what their competitors doing, their intuitions, or what’s trending in the market.

Sometimes it works. More often it doesn't.

What are the indicators
  • Aggressive growth goals that are regularly missed
  • Sudden changes in the company's priorities in each planning cycle
  • Lack of focus, desire to do everything at once
  • Misalignment between product and marketing teams, different levels of management, and shareholders.

The Product Growth Simulator gives you a framework and the skills to create a holistic growth model for your product, identify limitations and opportunities for growth, and choose the best tools to implement growth plans.

Who will benefit
from the simulator and how?

Simulator authors

Oleg Yakubenkov
  • Was part of the early Workplace from Meta team. Went from launch to 2 million paying users.
  • Product manager of the game King of Thieves, a smash hit by ZeptoLab with over 75 million players.
  • Participated in the development of C.A.T.S, nominated best game in 2017 by Google Play with over 100 million players.
  • Developed the services of API.AI as Product Director. The company was later acquired by Google.
  • Responsible for analytics at MSQRD. The company was acquired by Meta.
Sean Ellis
  • Led marketing and growth efforts in the early days at five companies that went on to reach above billion-dollar valuations: Dropbox, LogMeIn, Uproar, Eventbrite, and Lookout.
  • Helped Dropbox to reach a $1 billion revenue run rate faster than any other SaaS company in prior history.
  • Continued to run marketing from customer zero until NASDAQ IPO filings at LogMeIn and Uproar.
  • Became the CEO and founder of two VC-backed companies, Qualaroo and GrowthHackers, both of which were acquired.
  • Coauthor of Hacking Growth, which has been published in 16 languages and is host of the Breakout Growth Podcast. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Fast Company, Inc as well as on MSNBC.

Alumni reviews

Why choose Simulator

Sean and Oleg’s combined expertise is what makes this course stand out. The situations, problems, and misconceptions covered in the course are reflective of the experiences Sean and Oleg have had in their careers. Ultimately, this course allows you to learn from the most-renowned experts who have had proven and repeated success in product growth. Simulator allows you to go through years of experience in the shortest, safest, most realistic and convenient way possible.

you will learn

The growth of a product is often associated with working at the level of marketing and promotion channels, generating and testing hypotheses, or experimenting and optimizing funnels. These are all important skills and activities. But focusing on each of them in isolation will make you lose sight of the bigger picture.

The goal of the Product Growth Simulator

The simulator teaches you to find the levers that you can use to influence product growth. In the simulator, you will explore growth in a broad sense, where marketing and product become a single system.

Training program details

Simulator takes you through all the steps of growing your business and talks about all the hidden risks and nuances along the way.

What is it like
to study in the Simulator

This is not a regular course. It’s a simulation. You will join a company with a product that has stopped growing. You will study the key factors affecting growth and try to figure out the reasons for its slowdown. You will then build a growth model and formulate a product strategy.


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