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Learn how to use
SQL for product development and marketing
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Reduce your dependence on data analysts and solve most typical SQL tasks

This is more than a course. It is a SQL simulator for solving a wide range of product-related tasks. You will get hands-on skills working with a marketplace database. You will gather, examine, clean up data, and calculate key metrics to use this information to tackle key product and marketing issues.

What problem
does the "SQL Simulator for Product Analytics" solve?

The Problem

In product and marketing work we regularly face questions that require real data. Without the SQL skills, the only solution is to address analysts and wait for a long time for them to come back with the needed data.


As you go through the SQL Simulator for Product Analytics, you will learn the SQL syntax as well as obtain knowledge on how to solve typical product and marketing tasks. This will help you make important decisions way quicker and more effectively.

Who will benefit
from the simulator and how?

What you will learn

You will be able to:

  • Make a basic dashboard with your product's key metrics (DAU/WAU/MAU, number of new users, sales, revenue).
  • Gather users' action data (e.g., shopping cart abandonment) for further research.
  • Calculate Retention and LTV, and segment these metrics according to key user characteristics.
  • Calculate unit economics and ROI for paid user acquisition channels, identify profitable and unprofitable campaigns and channels.
  • Investigate the spikes or anomalies you spot on the dashboard.
  • Combine multiple datasets for a deeper analysis (e.g., data about users and their purchases).
  • Make sense of a complex SQL query written by an analyst, and adapt it to another task you want to solve.
  • Evaluate the impact of product changes on user behavior and key metrics once a new version of a product is out.



hours of training


of alumni apply gained skills

Training Program and Plot

You will help a team working on a marketplace product to answer important product and marketing questions which affect business performance.

Students' reviews

of the SQL Simulator

Eugene Zhulkov
  • Developed sophisticated banking products for Oracle and IBM Db2 databases at OpenWay
  • Designed and implemented large-scale distributed systems at leading mobile game company ZeptoLab
  • Managed the development of the e-commerce subdivision at 2reallife
Oleg Yakubenkov
  • Developed Workplace from Facebook as
    a Data Scientist
  • Built analytical functions for MSQRD (acquired by Facebook), API.AI (acquired by Google), and ZeptoLab
Osman Ramazanov
  • Launched his first website open to SQL injection in 2016
  • Product manager with a broad experience in SQL application in gaming, mobile apps, email testing, and mailing list systems

How the course
is structured

This is not a regular course, but a simulation of working in a company. You will be part of a young e-commerce marketplace team. As you go through the chapters, you will have to answer important questions about the product and its marketing.

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