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Learning Data-Driven Product Management

Learn how to use data to build and grow products in this immersive simulator.

Go beyond theory and learn by doing in a safe environment with instant personalized feedback. You will work with real data in leading analytics tools and make product decisions. Along the way you will learn to diagnose and solve product problems by using data, experimentation, and qualitative research.

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What problem
does the simulator solve?


Reading about product management and going through theory-based courses can be interesting. But it won’t help you acquire the key skills you need to be effective in a product role. The only way to learn product and growth skills is through practice.

However, there are limited opportunities to do that. Top companies with strong product and data culture usually expect candidates to already have the required skills set. Most other companies do not have experience or time to invest into your development.


That’s why we built this immersive simulator where you can learn by doing. GoPractice puts you in a high-pressure role of growing a VC-backed startup in a safe environment. You will go from an idea to a valuable product that can be scaled.

Along the way you learn to diagnose and solve typical product and growth problems by using data, experimentation and qualitative research. You will work with real data in leading analytics tools like Amplitude and Sensor Tower and make decisions. While going through this, you will crystallize new skills and go deeper with help from Sean and Oleg.

Who will benefit
from the simulator and how?

Switch into product from marketing/engineering/design/consulting

The program covers all stages and typical challenges of creating a product from scratch. You will build and master actual skills by working with real data in leading analytics tools like Amplitude, making product and growth decisions, and learning from your mistakes. Simulation is the most effective way to learn the skills you need for a product role.

The study plan

The study plan covers all stages of work on products, starting with the idea, and continuing through the launch, the stages before and after finding value, scaling, marketing and product growth.

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What you get

Oleg and Sean have condensed their decades’ worth of experience into this unique simulator. Within the course of 10 weeks you will go from an initial idea to a product that is ready to scale. Along this journey, you will learn to identify common product issues and choose the best ways to solve them using data, qualitative research, experiments, and other frameworks from the practitioners.

Fill in the blind spots and bring together all the pieces of a product’s journey

The simulator touches upon all of the main stages of building a product or a feature. You will structure your knowledge and learn to identify your current position and the steps needed to move the business forward.


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the authors

Given their complementary skill sets, Sean and Oleg are the perfect duo to create and lead this course. Oleg brings deep data science and product management skills, and Sean has a long and successful career in data-driven marketing and growth. Both Sean and Oleg have honed their skills at some of the most successful companies in the industry. They have designed the course so you can master the right skills in weeks rather than through decades of startup challenges.

Oleg Ya
  • Oleg was in charge of analytics at MSQRD, a selfie filter app. The company was acquired by Facebook in 2016.
  • After the MSQRD acquisition, Oleg joined Facebook, where he worked on Workplace, one of the fastest growing SaaS products in history. Workplace reached 2 million paid users in less than 2.5 years.
  • Oleg helped develop the services of API.AI (now Dialogflow) as a product director. The company was acquired by Google.
  • He also launched the game King of Thieves with game-dev company Zeptolab, which became a hit with over 75 million players worldwide.
  • Oleg participated in the early development of the game C.A.T.S., rated the best game of 2017 by Google Play, with over 100 million players.
Sean Ellis
  • Sean led marketing and growth efforts in the early days at five companies that went on to reach above billion-dollar valuations: Dropbox, LogMeIn, Uproar, Eventbrite, and Lookout.
  • Sean’s work at Dropbox helped the company reach a $1 billion revenue run rate faster than any other SaaS company in prior history.
  • At LogMeIn and Uproar, Sean continued to run marketing from customer zero until NASDAQ IPO filings.
  • Following these growth and marketing roles, Sean became the CEO and founder of two VC-backed companies, Qualaroo and GrowthHackers, both of which were acquired.
  • Sean is also the coauthor of Hacking Growth, which has been published in 16 languages and is host of the Breakout Growth Podcast. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Fast Company, Inc as well as on MSNBC.

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the simulator works

This is not an ordinary course. It’s a simulator for the workflow in a product company.


While following the script of the training, you will be completing tasks, making decisions, working with data, communicating with the characters, and studying the theory of analyzing product data.

Test your skills
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Still not sure whether the simulator is right for you?

GoPractice came up with a free and simple solution, a Growth Skills Assessment Test that will help you measure how your skills stack up against the top growth professionals. This test will demonstrate where you already have sufficient skills and discover the blind spots of your product management skills.

Based on your results, we will recommend a clear study plan consisting of select chapters from the simulator and other sources, which will help you.

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