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AI/ML simulator for product managers

Learn to apply AI/ML
to create products
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Learn AI/ML through practice. Complete four projects around the most common AI problems.

  • Format: simulator, self-paced
  • Course duration: ~60 hours
  • Required knowledge: no programming skills or deep knowledge of mathematics required.

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What problem
does the simulator solve?


Many companies are missing obvious opportunities to leverage AI in their products.

Others struggle to turn opportunities into working solutions – 87% of AI projects don't reach the deployment stage.


In this simulator, you will learn how to turn ideas into working AI solutions.

You will complete four AI projects. Along the way you will learn the essential skills of AI product manager:

  • Recognize AI opportunities in your products
  • Transform ideas into AI solutions that bring value to the business
  • Assess the potential of AI to add value in specific scenarios
  • Structure knowledge about AI and make it applicable
  • Communicate effectively with AI professionals

Who is
the simulator for

Who can benefit from the simulator

  • Product managers
  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Other specialists who want to get foundations of AI/ML product management

You should NOT take this course if

  • You are an AI/ML Engineer, Data Scientist, Kaggle Master
  • You are an experienced AI product manager who launched and managed successful AI products
The salary of an AI/ML product manager is 20% higher than the salary of a regular product manager.

What is
the training like

Four projects around the most popular AI problems

Each of the projects is designed to guide you through solving a common AI problem:

  • A computer vision system for detecting faces and facial expressions
  • A personal assistant based on generative AI (GPT)
  • A recommendation system
  • A sales forecasting system

You'll gain the knowledge and fundamental skills required to solve a wide array of AI problems.

Immersive Format

This simulator places you at the heart of its story as the lead character.

You will become the product manager of an AI team in a company whose services you regularly use.

However, due to new industry regulations, the company faces significant challenges. Only your team can save the business.

Learning through practice

Training in the simulator differs from other courses. There are no lectures or webinars here. You immediately kickstart your training with hands-on projects on our online platform, and you gain theory and additional materials as you progress through the course.

Support from the authors

If you have any questions, you can always ask them online. The course authors will come to your aid and help you with everything.

Effective and engaging

This learning method maximizes the benefit of the time invested and is much more interesting as well. The experience of thousands of our simulator graduates confirms this.

At your own pace

You go through the simulator on the online platform at a pace that is convenient for you. On average, the training takes about 60 hours.

The study plan

Fundamental principles of machine learning

Key topics

  • What are fundamental concepts, principles, and problems in machine learning
  • How AI creates value for businesses
  • Key ideas behind generative AI and large language models


  • Creating initial versions of ML models for each of the projects

How the simulator differs
from other AI/ML courses

Many AI and ML courses focus on algorithms and the mathematics behind these technologies.

However, at the current stage of AI industry development, many algorithms and models have already become commodities that everyone can access.

This is the skill that the simulator focuses on.

You will learn the process of creating and implementing AI solutions, understand common mistakes and issues in such projects, and discover effective solutions.

Authors of the Simulator

Vitaly Pimenov
  • Head of ML Team at Joom (a marketplace with 400+ million users)
  • Responsible for building the machine learning infrastructure at Yandex
  • Participated in the launch of the Yandex Data Factory project
Irina Pimenova
  • Created ML solutions for large businesses in metallurgy, agriculture, and finance as head of the ML department
  • Worked in the search quality evaluation team at Yandex
  • Oversaw machine learning at VeeRoute
Oleg Yakubenkov
  • Founder of GoPractice — a leader in teaching product management skills
  • Worked as a Data Scientist at Meta
  • Led an analytics team at Yandex
Vitaly Pimenov
Course Author, 15 years of AI/ML experience

"Learning to manage AI products is possible only through practice. However, to be entrusted with such a role, a product manager needs experience. It's a loop.

That's why we built the simulator. Our goal is not just to impart knowledge but to provide you with hands-on experience and prepare you for the reality.

This simulator represents a decade of practical experience in creating AI solutions, packaged into a two-month interactive educational program."

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