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The product manager’s guide to North Star Metrics
The product manager’s guide to North Star Metrics

Different metrics can gauge various facets of a product’s success. But one metric is the quintessential indicator of the product’s value generation—the North Star Metric (NSM). This pivotal metric not only encapsulates the core value that the product delivers to its users but also serves as a unifying beacon for the team developing the product.

The NSM clarifies the “why” behind the team’s efforts and aligns separate teams under a single, overarching goal. The NSM helps develop a cohesive strategy to bolster the organization’s primary mission. It also helps product teams detect when changes to the product are detracting them from their main mission.

Sustained growth in this key metric is a sign of the product’s—and by extension, the company’s—trajectory towards generating more value and, by extension, success.