What we do

At GoPractice, we help you grow your skills at building and growing successful products. While our main audience is product managers, we also aim to help analysts, marketers, designers, UX researchers, and many other IT specialists who contribute to building and understanding the value of a product.

Upskilling these professionals in understanding how products are built and grown will help your company achieve its business goals faster and more efficiently.

To do this, we create products that are useful at different stages and in different contexts of the professional career:

Data-Driven Product Management Simulator helps professionals understand how to use data and research to make product decisions.

Product Growth Simulator teaches you to find the levers that you can use to influence product growth.

Growth Skills Assessment Test provides an opportunity to evaluate your skills and develop a plan to take your skills to the next level.

→ Our blog includes essays that answer specific questions about the process of solving product-related problems.

We are building an ecosystem of products that supports professionals on their career path from beginners to senior members of their organizations.

Our key goal is making sure these specialists achieve their goals and move forward in their careers faster.