Over the past five years, GoPractice simulators have helped thousands of professionals learn to leverage data to make product decisions.

However, the world is changing rapidly, and now, successful product managers must be able to create AI-powered products.

Today, we are announcing AI/ML Simulator for Product Managers.

This simulator will help you learn how to build AI-powered products through practice.

Why product managers should learn AI

“Most product managers will be expected to be AI product managers in the future, in the sense that it will be expected that product managers understand how the enabling AI technology works, what are the range of risks involved, and the work required to mitigate the risks.“

Marty Cagan. Founder, Partner – Product at SVPG

For a long time, the primary challenges of applying AI technologies were of scientific and engineering nature. However, technological advances have shifted these challenges to the product domain.

The key question is not how to implement AI, but rather where are the opportunities for AI to generate value for users and business?

This shift, along with the development of AI, opens up enormous opportunities:

  • Many companies have the opportunity to disrupt the status quo and outpace competitors, increasing their market share;
  • For specialists, opportunities arise for income growth and working on products that will make the world better and shape the future.

All of this creates a growing demand for PMs who can build AI-powered products and services. The base salary of an AI product manager tends to exceed that of a regular product manager by 20–40%.

Why we created the simulator

It’s quite challenging for someone with a business background to grasp the potential of AI.

Perceptions of AI often fall into extremes:

  • AI is a magic wand that can accomplish anything and will take the jobs of most knowledge workers.
  • AI is very complex, deeply technical, and too hard to understand.

On the one hand, there are futuristic books and articles aimed at a wide audience, discussing AI and the “risks of extinction.”

On the other hand, many applied materials focus on algorithms, mathematics, and other technical aspects of machine learning. It is difficult to study such materials without a solid grasp of maths and programming. Moreover, much of the detail in these books is not really necessary unless you’re an AI/ML engineer, researcher, or data scientist.

Ten years ago, a deep understanding of mathematics and programming was necessary to get started with machine learning. However, currently, many algorithms and models have already become commodities that everyone can access.

Let’s take a look at a simple example: Imagine how difficult it was to create an online store in 1999. You had to set up your own servers and hire developers, designers, admins, and content managers. You had to manage warehouses, logistics, and much more. Now, one person can launch an online store in a day, assembling it from various services using an online store builder.

A somewhat similar transition is happening in AI right now. In 2010 you would need a degree in machine learning to solve a problem like sentiment analysis. Today anybody can do it with ChatGPT.

In this light, the value shifts from having the technical chops to the ability to identify opportunities for AI-powered products and build such products successfully. That’s why we created our new AI/ML Simulator for Product Managers.

What you will learn in the simulator

You will learn how to turn ideas into working AI solutions.

You will understand common mistakes and issues in such projects.

Along the way you will gain the essential skills of an AI product manager:

  • Recognize AI opportunities in your products
  • Transform ideas into AI solutions that bring value to the business
  • Assess the potential of AI to add value in specific scenarios
  • Structure knowledge about AI and make it applicable
  • Communicate effectively with AI professionals

How the simulator is built

You will complete four AI projects designed to familiarize you with common AI problems:

  • A computer vision system for detecting faces and facial expressions
  • A personal assistant based on generative AI (GPT)
  • A recommendation system
  • A sales forecasting system

Throughout the process, we will teach you the necessary theory and provide you with additional materials.

The process is designed to be as realistic as possible. While working on the projects, you will interact with the models developed by the team, observe how they change based on the decisions you make, and determine the team’s next steps.

This simulator encapsulates years of practical experience in creating AI solutions, packaged into a 60-hour interactive educational program.

Student reviews

“This course was like a GPS for my learning journey — well-organized, resource-packed, and super practical. I can now sniff out BS in the vast jungle of AI content online.”

Dilip Mandadi, Senior Product Manager at Salesforce


“I learned the foundation for building AI products.”

Aliya Grig, Founder at Evolwe


“I thought the course was a great intro to what to expect as an AI PM and provided strong skills and foundation to apply those skills to your job or any projects you are working on.”

Theodore Kuo, VP Product Manager at JPMorgan Chase


“The simulator paid off 10x already in the middle of the training.”

Oleg Krasikov, CPO at Chatfuel

Price and a special offer

The cost of training in the simulator is $1190.

However, for those who start learning before May 10, the price will be lower — $999.

This is a self-paced course. You can always ask questions in our closed Slack channel and the authors as well as other students will be happy to help you.

Start your journey right now!