Here’s the perfect way to start off your workday as a product manager.

Product health dashboard helps to keep track of all the key metrics of a product and serves to quickly spot any possible issues.

There are usually three main components that are present—user acquisition, product metrics, and growth metrics.

Top of the funnel (user acquisition)

This part of the dashboard shows how well your product acquires new users.

– New users tracked over time

– New users distributed by channel tracked over time

– Key metrics by channel (e.g. Day 1/7/14 ROI for paid distribution channels over time)

Product metrics

This part of the dashboard shows how well the product delivers value to its users and converts them into taking action.

– Share of new users that got activated

– Day 1/7/14 Retention rate tracked over time

– Conversion into premium feature usage

Growth metrics

This part of the dashboard shows the dynamics of high-level metrics for the business created around the product.

– Desired actions in the product tracked over time

– Revenue tracked over time

– DAU tracked over time