Can you persuade one user to switch to your product?

That’s where your growth foundation is.

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Can you persuade one user to switch to your product?

The ability to encourage at least one user to abandon their current solution, and switch to the one you make, is an early sign of potential scalability.

That’s how you discover what makes this user make a switch—how do you create value.

Persuading that first user will probably require a lot of time on your part. Once you succeed, keep repeating with more users.

What % of target users make a switch? Do you understand what stops them from doing it?

After a few iterations of changing the product and target audience, does persuasion go more quickly? Is the process gaining traction?

Fantastic, now find a way to automate it. Either by adapting the product or adding more people.

This is the path to sustainably growing your product.

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