To sum up the passing year, we, the GoPractice team, would like to recall all the main things that we did in 2023.

First of all, we launched SQL Simulator for Product Analytics.

Not all data is easily accessible through popular analytics tools, and analysts are not always available to address product managers’ queries. That’s why learning SQL is a great opportunity for every product manager to become proficient in analytics and uncover more insights from available data themselves.

Our Simulator doesn’t just overload students with theory; rather, it immerses you in a near-real work context. Here, you acquire knowledge step by step and gain an understanding of how to apply these skills in your work right from the start.

All in all, learning SQL helps product managers make important decisions way quicker and more effectively. And we’re proud to provide an interactive course that does just that.

Learn more about how we created SQL Simulator.

Second, we put a lot of work into our new upcoming AI Simulator. This course enables you to acquire the essential skills of an AI product manager and teaches you how to identify opportunities for AI in your business. 

The public launch of our AI Simulator is scheduled for next year. Stay tuned!

Another important thing is that, with the help of seasoned product managers, we crafted dozens of insightful pieces for our blog.

The most popular one is ‘What teams expect of a new product manager in the first 90 days’. Switching jobs is never easy, that’s why it is always good to be prepared for what is expected of you in a new place.

Other popular blog posts include:

To help aspiring product managers navigate the challenges of switching careers, we also published several pieces covering crucial topics associated with entering the product management field:

Happy holidays and see you all in the New Year!